Providing Drywall Patching and Installation in the Los Angeles Area

Who We Are

With more than years of experience, we are the company Los Angeles calls when they need professional drywall services. And, if you’re a landlord, our extensive property management background makes us the perfect partner for large scale renovations. Rest assured, whether it’s a one-bedroom apartment or a standalone home, we have the skills necessary for any drywall repair or installation job. For those who prefer a true one-stop renovation, we also provide professional painting and priming services. When you couple this skillset with our unwavering dedication to your satisfaction, we quickly become the go-to drywall contractor in the Upland and Anaheim areas.

The Company Residents Trust

Our ample drywall contracting experience makes us an excellent choice for homeowners in the Los Angeles area. There are multiple benefits for choosing us for residential drywall services including:

  • Same-day drywall repair services
  • Full-installation and patching services
  • Beginning to end home renovation services
  • Experience with both ceiling and wall work
  • Professional finishing
  • Posted and guaranteed pricing
The Landlord’s Best Friends

As a company with property management experience, we know what you’re going through. That’s why so many landlords rely on us for drywall services. Our advantages include:

  • The ability to handle all scheduling with tenants
  • No contract or monthly fees
  • Data inputted into popular property management tools like Yardee
  • Flexible processes that adjust to fit your needs
  • Drywall patching services that remove the need for a repairman
  • Same-day service at reasonable prices
We’re Tenant-Friendly

At FRM Plumbing and Maintenance, we understand that renters have jobs and lives. That’s why we treat tenants like people, and not a service obstacle. For that reason, we:

  • Talk to you directly about scheduling
  • Keep your apartment clean and minimize interruptions
  • Handle billing and invoicing
  • Take care of communications between you and the property owner

Why Choose Us

At FRM Plumbing and Maintenance, we aim to provide the finest drywall services in the Los Angeles region. We do so by tailoring our services to your home and level of property ownership. This includes things like scheduling directly with tenants and entering all of your data directly into your property management system. Still, no matter where you fall, you benefit from our:

Property Management Understanding

FRM Plumbing and Maintenance Has an extensive property management background. We understand your struggles and the importance of regular maintenance

Detail-Oriented Service

From tenant sign-off to scheduling, and before-and-after photos, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance provides everything you need for property monitoring. We also know how to navigate insurance requirements and repairs with Section 8 and LAHD.

One-Stop Shopping

When it comes to “handyman” services, can do it all. So, whether you need a faucet installed or a new electrical panel, give us a call. We work with industrial, commercial, and residential clients.

An End to On-Site Maintenance

Stop paying someone to wait for something to break! provides prompt service that’s the equivalent of any live-in handyman.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

All our services come with a 30-day guarantee. If there is a problem, just give us a call. We’ll be out within 48 hours to fix the problem—at no cost to you.

Contract-Free Service

We don’t want you to feel stuck with us! That’s why we offer our services on an ad-hoc basis. With FRM Plumbing and Maintenance there’s also never a monthly management fee.

Industries We Serve

Leverage Our Experience for Your Home

New drywall increases your home’s value and removes eyesores in the process. Our home renovation experts are here to assist with any residential drywall services you may need. Did someone kick a hole in the wall? Water damage leave it crumbling? Well, you can count on us to get it fixed. Call (888) 608-5263 to take advantage of our drywall services in the Anaheim and Upland areas.

Hassle-Free Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is a demanding job. Fortunately, it’s one our drywall experts can simplify. No matter how many units you have, we’ll be able to help. From mass patchwork to full building renovations, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance has the expertise you need to get it done. Schedule service in Los Angeles and Anaheim today and give your base rates a boost.

Large Scale Troubleshooting

Schools and hospitals are sprawling buildings prone to emergency situations. These can lead to rapid wearing and staining of drywall and plaster. Luckily, public servants in the Los Angeles area are never more than a phone call away from unmatched drywall expertise. Whether you need a quick patch or something more comprehensive, go ahead and reach out to us. We understand the requirements of buildings like yours and will do everything we can to meet them.

Make Your Customers Happy

As the owner of a restaurant or hotel, you know that appearances are everything. For you, holes in walls and staining are more than an eyesore. They’re something that directly impacts guest impressions and your bottom line. So, don’t put drywall repairs off! Call FRM Plumbing and Maintenance instead and make certain your business is always 5-star ready.

Ensure a Pleasant Shopping Experience

When it comes to making a sale, appearances matter. That’s why store owners in Los Angeles and Upland need a drywall and painting company they can trust. With experience dealing with wallboard problems, we’re the call retail store owners will want to make.

Minimal Downtime and Maximum Satisfaction

Modern factories and commercial buildings are no longer cold and impersonal. They’re often comfortable places with their own unique sense of design. Our drywall contractors understand that and create solutions suited for large-scale enterprises. For more information on our commercial drywall services, reach out to us at (888) 608-5263.

Our Plaster and Drywall Services

You can’t afford to take chances when it comes time for you or your family's home remodeling project. Our team of professionals will make sure plaster or drywall is installed professionally so that there are no visible signs of damage or repair. We also clean up after ourselves to limit the interruptions to you and your life. Whether you need bathroom-safe plaster installed or standard drywall, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance can provide you with the service you need.

Drywall Patching

Whether you have one small hole or a wall that looks like swiss cheese, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance will properly repair it and leave your home looking like new. With our drywall patching services, you get less mess and a quicker fix. For prompt service in the Los Angeles area, give us a call.

Plaster Repair

Like most things, plaster starts to show its age after a while. When that happens, cracks and crumbling become apparent. Fortunately, those things are no match for our wall repair and replacement experts. After investigating the problem, we’ll get to work revitalizing the plaster. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a hard time spotting repairs to the original plaster.

Drywall Installation

Is there extensive water damage on your walls? Is the hole too big to be safely patched? Then, it’s probably best to start over. While it's tempting to try and DIY, if you're not experienced with drywalling, it's very likely that you'll end up with an inferior finished product. So, it’s best to call a professional drywall installation company instead. At, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance, We know how to get the job done right, and our prices are competitive. Contact us today for a free consultation on sheetrock installation in the Anaheim or Los Angeles area!

Code Violation Updates

It can be hard to navigate Section 8 and LAHD update requirements. And, if you’re selling a home, you may have some wall damage that needs repair. Fortunately, we’ve been identifying and fixing code violation issues for years. So, no matter the size of the problem, our drywall contractors can help get you back on the right side of the law.

FRM Plumbing and Maintenance also provides an extensive catalog of HVAC, plumbing, painting, and carpentry services.

Rely on Us for Drywall Repair in and Around the Los Angeles Area

FRM Plumbing and Maintenance has been helping homeowners and landlords put their best foot forward since . In that time, we’ve established ourselves as the go-to drywall contractor in Los Angeles, Anaheim and Upland. No matter the size of the job, our experts will deliver excellent results—and not break the bank in the process. So give us a call today; we'll make sure everything goes smoothly from start until finish.


Yes! Everything we do is above the books. Everyone we hire at FRM Plumbing and Maintenance is a true professional with a robust understanding of their craft. We think everyone deserves high-quality work and know that means leaving the amateurs at home.

No. Because we value accountability, every person we send to you is on our payroll. This allows us to better manage their day-to-day activities and promote continual self improvement. It also gives us control over the quality of the work provided.

Unlike many other comprehensive building maintenance companies, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance does not charge a monthly service fee. You pay for only for jobs completed.

Everything we do comes with a 30-day labor warranty. During that time period, we’ll fix any issues that arise at no additional cost. When it comes to parts, however, the warranty is determined by the manufacturer and is not in our control.

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