Building Maintenance

Providing Building Maintenance in Anaheim and Los Angeles

Who We Are

FRM Plumbing and Maintenance has been providing comprehensive building maintenance services to commercial customers since 2012. Our team of contracting professionals is the ‘Swiss army knife’ of home services. Able to tackle jobs of almost any scope or type, they’re a cost-effective replacement for an on-site maintenance team. As every person we send is a true expert, you also never have to worry about a jack-of-all-trades letting you down at an important juncture. And, with same-day service available, you’ll find your to-do list never gets out of control.

Unlike many other facility maintenance companies—which are janitors first—we hail from a property management background. This gives us an understanding of bulk services and tenant management that far outstrips our competition. Our familiarity with popular business software also eases the burdensome task of paperwork and compliance. We also take care of common stumbling blocks like tenant scheduling and invoicing. So, when it comes to landlord and industrial building needs, we’re the superior choice in the Los Angeles area.

To learn more about how our building maintenance services can improve your bottom line and increase your building’s efficiency, reach out to us at FRM Plumbing and Maintenance.

Our Building Maintenance Services

We provide a full catalog of contracting services in and around Los Angeles. No matter what your need—big or small—we handle every job with honesty and professionalism. Below are a few fields where you can trust our expertise:

Toilet Repair - Water Heater Installation - Faucet Repair - Fixture Installation

Large scale plumbing problems require professional solutions. When your building has hundreds of faucets and toilets, it can be hard for one person to tackle it all. But, hiring additional personnel to wait for the waterworks to break is a waste of time. That’s where FRM Plumbing and Maintenance comes in. Our team of experienced plumbers can tackle all of your plumbing needs with no long-term contracts. To explore the services we offer, visit the page below.

Panel Upgrade - Lighting Changes - Wiring Repair - Outlet Upgrades - Electrical Repairs

What’s causing the lights to flicker in 412B? What’s with the breaker flipping every time the freezer’s light turns on? Is there a way to improve lighting in the basement? FRM Plumbing and Maintenance’s electricians are here to answer those questions and more. From small-scale electrical work to building-wide lighting updates, you can trust our experts to handle it. Reach out to us at (888) 608-5263 to learn more about our electrical maintenance services in Los Angeles.

Finishing Trim - Cabinet Installation - Door Framing - Window Framing

A good woodworker is worth their weight in cypress. Not only are they capable of adding storage to tight spaces and bringing in natural light but they’re also experts at putting the finishing touches on a renovation. This includes things like nailing up trim to hanging cabinets in kitchens and garages. Known for our belief that measuring twice is crucial to carpentry, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance has a reputation for providing quality carpentry services in the Los Angeles and Anaheim area.

Drywall and Painting
Priming - Graffiti Removal - Drywall Repair - Drywall Installation - Plaster Repair

When property damage occurs, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. In most circumstances, this means replacing the walls of your building. From initial demolition to painting trim work, our drywalling experts can make floods and accidents a thing of the past. Visit this page to learn more about our expertise in wall maintenance and the specific commercial services we provide.

Why Choose Us

We do this by providing options fitted to the needs of commercial, governmental, and multi-unit buildings. This includes things like scheduling directly with tenants and entering all of our data in your property management database. But, no matter who you are, rest assured you’ll always get:

Property Management Understanding

FRM Plumbing and Maintenance Has an extensive property management background. We understand your struggles and the importance of regular maintenance

Detail-Oriented Service

From tenant sign-off to scheduling, and before-and-after photos, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance provides everything you need for property monitoring. We also know how to navigate insurance requirements and repairs with Section 8 and LAHD.

One-Stop Shopping

When it comes to “handyman” services, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance can do it all. So, whether you need a faucet installed or a new electrical panel, give us a call. We work with industrial, commercial, and residential clients.

An End to On-Site Maintenance

Stop paying someone to wait for something to break! FRM Plumbing and Maintenance provides prompt service that’s the equivalent of any live-in handyman.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

All our services come with a 30-day guarantee. If there is a problem, just give us a call. We’ll be out within 48 hours to fix the problem—at no cost to you.

Contract-Free Service

We don’t want you to feel stuck with us! That’s why we offer our services on an ad-hoc basis. With FRM Plumbing and Maintenance there’s also never a monthly management fee.

Industries We Serve

Hassle-Free Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is a full-time job. And it’s one FRM Plumbing and Maintenance can simplify. No matter how many units you have, our expert team is capable of keeping your property in tip-top shape. Reach out to us at (888) 608-5263 to schedule service in Upland or Anaheim.

Building Maintenance at Scale

Hospitals and schools have unique maintenance needs. And, when these are not met, efficient daily operation suffers. Fortunately, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance’s building maintenance experts understand the ins and outs of these structures and know what’s needed to restore full functionality. Call us at (888) 608-5263 to schedule a consultation in the Los Angeles area.

Ensure the Shopping Experience is a Pleasant One

When it comes to making a sale, proper building maintenance makes all the difference. That’s why store owners in Upland and Anaheim prefer a skilled partner in facility upkeep. With 11 years’ experience dealing with plumbing and carpentry issues, we’re the call you want to make.

Minimal Downtime and Maximum Satisfaction

The maintenance needs of a factory or warehouse are very different from those of a residential home. Our contractors understand that and can develop solutions suited for large-scale operations. For more information on our commercial facility maintenance services, call (888) 608-5263.


The difference between a well-regarded restaurant or hotel and a dump is often a matter of aesthetics. Our wide array of carpentry, plumbing, and electrical services can help take your hotel or restaurant from a nice place for a bite to the must-visit spot in town. Give us a call at (888) 608-5263 to learn how FRM Plumbing and Maintenance can help your hospitality company’s bottom line in Los Angeles and Upland.

Call Us For Electrical Service in the Los Angeles Area

General building maintenance in Los Angeles is no longer a headache with FRM Plumbing and Maintenance as a partner. Work with us and breathe easier knowing all your upkeep needs are in the hands of dedicated professionals. To get a quote on industrial and commercial maintenance services, contact us today by phone or through our site. As a company with deep roots in the Anaheim and Upland area, we have ample reason to make sure you walk away completely satisfied.


Yes! Everything we do is above the books. Everyone we hire at FRM Plumbing and Maintenance is a true professional with a robust understanding of their craft. We think everyone deserves high-quality work and know that means leaving the amateurs at home.

No. Because we value accountability, every person we send to you is on our payroll. This allows us to better manage their day-to-day activities and promote continual self improvement. It also gives us control over the quality of the work provided.

Unlike many other comprehensive building maintenance companies, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance does not charge a monthly service fee. You pay for only for jobs completed.

Everything we do comes with a 30-day labor warranty. During that time period, we’ll fix any issues that arise at no additional cost. When it comes to parts, however, the warranty is determined by the manufacturer and is not in our control.

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  • Commerce
  • Clover City
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