Providing Professional Woodworking in Anaheim and Los Angeles

Introducing FRM Plumbing and Maintenance

If you need a carpenter who can address all your remodeling needs in the Los Angeles area, we invite you to contact us. Our can-do attitude and wide array of services make us a solid choice. And, with an extensive property management background, our handymen are equipped to tackle jobs of any size. Through hundreds of jobs, we’ve gained an understanding of what landlords and homeowners need to be completely satisfied. Whether this means building custom cabinetry, putting up finishing trim, or installing doors, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance has its eye set on 5-star service.

Why We’re a Great Choice at All Levels of Property Ownership

The Company Homeowner’s Trust

Our rough and finish carpentry experience makes us an excellent choice for homeowners in the Los Angeles area. There are multiple benefits for choosing us for residential carpentry services including:

We know how much difference a skilled carpenter can make to the year-round enjoyment of your home. When you work with us, you can kiss ugly moldings, dysfunctional closets, and poor-quality woodwork goodbye. A few advantages we offer over others include:

  • The availability of same-day carpentry services
  • A willingness to tackle jobs of all sizes and types
  • Beginning to end wood framing services
  • Professional finishing work
  • Posted and guaranteed pricing
The Landlord’s Best Friends

As a company with property management experience, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance understands the struggles multi-unit owners face. Our experience has taught us the right questions to ask and options to consider when carpentry is needed. Other advantages include:

  • The ability to handle all scheduling with tenants
  • No contract or monthly fees
  • Data inputted into popular property management tools like Yardee
  • Flexible processes that adjust to fit your needs
  • Comprehensive carpentry services that erase the need for live-in repairmen
  • Same-day service at reasonable prices
We’re Tenant-Friendly

At FRM Plumbing and Maintenance, we understand that renters have jobs and lives. That’s why we treat tenants like people, and not a service obstacle. For that reason, we:

  • Talk to you directly about scheduling
  • Keep your living space clean and minimize interruptions
  • Handle billing and invoicing
  • Take care of communications between you and the property owner

Why Choose Us

Here at , we aim to provide you with the best carpentry services in Los Angeles and Anaheim. We do so by tailoring our work to meet your budget, property size, and style preferences. This goes beyond simple woodworking, however. Our carpenters also offer fantastic customer service and an understanding of the different needs of landlords and property owners. Though a lot of carpentry contractors claim to be different, our customers tell us we are.

Property Management Understanding

FRM Plumbing and Maintenance Has an extensive property management background. We understand your struggles and the importance of regular maintenance

Detail-Oriented Service

From tenant sign-off to scheduling, and before-and-after photos, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance provides everything you need for property monitoring. We also know how to navigate insurance requirements and repairs with Section 8 and LAHD.

One-Stop Shopping

When it comes to “handyman” services, can do it all. So, whether you need a faucet installed or a new electrical panel, give us a call. We work with industrial, commercial, and residential clients.

An End to On-Site Maintenance

Stop paying someone to wait for something to break! provides prompt service that’s the equivalent of any live-in handyman.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

All our services come with a 30-day guarantee. If there is a problem, just give us a call. We’ll be out within 48 hours to fix the problem—at no cost to you.

Contract-Free Service

We don’t want you to feel stuck with us! That’s why we offer our services on an ad-hoc basis. With FRM Plumbing and Maintenance there’s also never a monthly management fee.

Industries We Serve

Leverage Our Experience for Your Home

Beautiful woodwork increases the value of your home and can make even an otherwise outdated room feel more homey. Rest assured, our carpenters are equipped to handle any sized residential carpentry job. Need a new window put in? Looking to top off that new carpet with a beautiful base moulding? Well, we're just a call away. From one-bedroom houses to sprawling villas, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance is the company to meet a homeowner’s needs.

Hassle-Free Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is tough, thankless work. Luckily, our carpenters are here to take some of the weight off your shoulders. No matter your job and how many units you have, our woodworking experts will work tirelessly to get it done. Call FRM Plumbing and Maintenance to schedule carpentry services in Los Angeles and you’ll get results that will help you command the most from your property.

Large Scale Troubleshooting

Schools and hospitals are sprawling buildings with unique carpentry needs. They’re often home to intricate woodwork and outdated built-ins. They also have lots of storage space that could be optimized. When it comes time to fix or repair these wood features, smart public servants turn to FRM Plumbing and Maintenance. Know that we understand governmental requirements and will do our best to honor the history and gravity of every building we work in. To schedule carpentry service in Upland or Los Angeles, call (888) 608-5263.

Make Your Customers Happy

As the owner of a restaurant or hotel, you understand the importance of appearances. A beautiful built-in or new window can translate to ambiance that justifies rates and improves your bottom line. So, when it comes time to hire a skilled carpenter, we hope to be at the top of your list. Reach out to us at (888) 608-5263 and let our woodworking experts ensure you stay 5-star ready.

Ensure a Pleasant Shopping Experience is a Pleasant One

When it comes to making a sale, aesthetics matter. That’s why retail companies in Los Angeles and Upland need a carpentry contractor they can rely on. With years’ experience fixing broken woodwork and constructing amazing displays, we’re the company retail property owners rely on.

Minimal Downtime and Maximum Satisfaction

Long gone are the days where factories and commercial buildings were cold, impersonal structures. Nowadays, these buildings are often full of light and decorated thoughtfully. But maintaining that much woodwork requires a dedicated company with ample capacity. In other words, you need a company like FRM Plumbing and Maintenance.

Our Carpentry Services

When it comes to building a new window or installing a built-in, you should never take chances on an unqualified person. If done improperly, these tasks can dilute the value of your home and ruin an otherwise beautiful renovation. When you hire FRM Plumbing and Maintenance for woodworking services, you can rest easy knowing you’ll walk away with a job well done. Our carpenters will always clean up after themselves and do all they can to minimize interruptions. Though we can perform almost any task that requires a saw and wood, we most commonly provide the following services.

Window Framing

A little bit of natural light can do wonders in a dark and dingy space. And adding windows in the right places is the best way to get it. For landlords, this is a quick and easy way to boost property value. For homeowners, meanwhile, adding a window can be the finishing touch a home renovation needs. From framing to adjustments and installation, our carpenters are ready to help with bringing a bit more of the outside in. To get details on our window framing process, give us a call at (888) 608-5263.

New Door Installation

Need a more accessible entrance? Looking to add a show-stopping door to your foyer? Well, we’re here to help. From installing custom wood doors to adding entrances to sheds and bedrooms, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance’s carpenters are equipped to handle the job. As we always measure twice and cut once, you can rest easy knowing your new entrance will be picture perfect and inside and out. To get a quote on framing in a new door in Anaheim and Los Angeles reach out by form or phone.

Finishing Trim

The finishing touch on most drywall jobs, trim is often the difference between a mediocre room and a polished one. If improperly installed, however, trim can look cheap. Poorly aligned corners and gaps are the signs of a woodworker with limited knowledge of proper workmanship. Fortunately, our carpenters miter beautifully and know what types of trim look best and where. With our upfront, accurate quotes, you’ll rest easy knowing your renovation won’t end with a surprise bill.

Closet Updates

A few shelves in a closet can make the difference between clothing chaos and a tidy room. Our carpenters have the skills necessary to take a blank, boring closet and transform it into an efficient storage space. After arriving, they’ll take time to analyze the available space and present you with design options. Once you choose the one that fits your needs, they’ll get to work.

Cabinetry Installation

If you don’t add more storage or upgrade your cabinets, was it even worth the kitchen remodel? We don’t think so! Our skilled woodworking professionals can come up with a plan to transform your kitchen in both looks and functionality. This starts with them analyzing your space and needs and coming up with a plan. Once you sign off, they’ll get to work matching new cabinets to studs and making sure all is level. After everything’s hung, they’ll put on finishing touches. In a surprisingly short time, you’ll have a fresh new room and the storage you need.

Code Violation Updates

It can be hard to navigate Section 8 and LAHD update requirements. And, if you’re selling a home, you may find you need an update or two to pass muster. Fortunately, we’ve been learning about and fixing code violation issues for years. So, no matter the size of the problem, our contractors can help you pass scrutiny when your property is inspected.

FRM Plumbing and Maintenance also provides an extensive catalog of HVAC, plumbing, and drywall services.

Rely on Us for Carpentry Repair in and Around Los Angeles Area

FRM Plumbing and Maintenance has been helping homeowners and landlords put their best foot forward since . In that time, we’ve established ourselves as the go-to carpenter in Los Angeles, Anaheim and Upland. No matter the size of the job, our experts will provide quality work—and not break the bank in the process. So, the next time you or your tenants need woodworking done, give FRM Plumbing and Maintenance a call. We look forward to adding you to our long list of happy customers.


Yes! Everything we do is above the books. Everyone we hire at FRM Plumbing and Maintenance is a true professional with a robust understanding of their craft. We think everyone deserves high-quality work and know that means leaving the amateurs at home.

No. Because we value accountability, every person we send to you is on our payroll. This allows us to better manage their day-to-day activities and promote continual self improvement. It also gives us control over the quality of the work provided.

Unlike many other comprehensive building maintenance companies, FRM Plumbing and Maintenance does not charge a monthly service fee. You pay for only for jobs completed.

Everything we do comes with a 30-day labor warranty. During that time period, we’ll fix any issues that arise at no additional cost. When it comes to parts, however, the warranty is determined by the manufacturer and is not in our control.

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